Active Power Equipment



activepower_PTI_insetOur products are built on our elegant, field proven flywheel technology that delivers an unmatched combination of power density, reliability, and total cost of ownership. This combination enables our customers to achieve their availability, reliability, and budget goals.

The elegance of the flywheel technology is matched by the passion of the Active Power team. We are Driven by Motion: the motion of the spinning flywheel infuses our business, pushing our team to provide ever more ingenious solutions and services.

The best demonstration of the value we offer is evidenced by our growing marquee customer base that places trust in Active Power and our technology to protect their most mission critical operations. More than 4,000 Active Power flywheels have been deployed in over 50 countries, delivering more than 900 megawatts of critical power protection. Leaders across multiple industries trust that we’ll always be there with clean, reliable, cost effective solutions.



Battery-free Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems utilizing flywheel energy storage technology from 130 KVA through 1200 KVA single module with parallel capacity and/or N + 1 redundancy.


Containerized Continuous Power System.

CleanSource DC®

A DC flywheel energy storage system from 100 KW through 2 MW, prevents load loss due to battery failure and/or extends battery life on UPS’s.


A battery-free generator starting system. Elegant Technology, Passionate People, Marquee Customers.